Our Mission


We believe in empowering our children as they are the future and are functioning at genius level, but lose this as they grow.


We want children to appreciate and enjoy their childhood without having internet and social media negatively affect them.


We aim to help to as many children as we can, who are in need of school uniforms and stationary.


We provide education to boys and girls about a womans menstrual cycle. We also provide young women with reusable sanity pads.

Our Organisational Culture

The directors of the NPC have a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in various fields. These fields include, but are not limited to Project Management, Entrepreneurial Development, Audit compliance and Skills Development.

We do not believe that NPOs should be reliant on begging for donations. We have chosen to practice social entrepreneurship and ensure that we create sustainable projects that will continue generate funds to ensure our mission can continue.

The trustees always ensure that whilst they keep their minds on the cause, it is imperative to ensure compliance and transparency in terms of how funds are managed.



Empowerment and Support Programmes

We have managed many projects funded by private industry and government. We have also managed many community outreach projects that have been completed timeously, within budget and to audit compliance.

If you are looking for support with stationery and/or school uniform for your child

Click here to download, the Application for Support form.

The form must be completed in full and emailed back to us on admin@ukuphilaokuthinta.org.za with all supporting documents required.



with our NPO

We believe that the way to find persons that truly require of support and assistance is via referral. We look to community members and schools to provide us with details of families that need our support. We then deal directly with the family to assist them.

We support any race, religion or gender. We do not have an entry criterion like government support does. There are many people who earn R1 or R10 or R100 more than the minimum amount that is stipulated by government in order to qualify for their support. These people fall in that grey area where they earn more than the minimum for government support, but less than is needed to support their families adequately. We therefore support any persons that need our help and can’t afford to help themselves. (we are aware of persons that have drug problems, to many accounts, etc). we do not believe that the child needs to suffer because of the parent’s problems.

We are very happy if the donors want to provide us with the uniform or stationery. We will:

  • find the child in need
  • determine the need
  • advise the donor of the need and cost
  • donor may supply the cash or the goods
  • donor can also arrange for photos and banners when doing hand-over.

We have partnered with a few stationery suppliers to provide us with the stationery at reasonable prices

We do not stock the uniform or stationery as the needs and schools differ. We would rather buy it from school uniform retailers, due to the variety of uniforms.

All donations are used for the following:

  • Accounting fees
  • Auditor fees
  • Email & domain fees
  • Bank fees
  • Supporting school children


All our board members have volunteered their services and we currently have no staff employed.

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Some of the children we have supported.

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